Onboarding musicians to Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value


Current project: open channels and learn about liquidity and fees.


Here's a 25-minute presentation on Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value:

(0:32) Applications of crowdsourcing
(3:12) Amanda Palmer: To ask without shame (2013)
(4:55) Adam Curry: Podcasting (2000) in the RSS specification (2004)
(5:30) First podcast index, absorbed into iTunes
(6:09) Creating an RSS file
(7:12) Podcasting 2.0 (2020)
(8:21) Incorporation of the Lightning network
(8:50) Micropayments
(9:25) Chapters
(9:43) Medium tag
(10:03) valueRecipient tag
(11:12) Music album as podcast: Stay Awhile
(11:41) How to get a modern podcast app
(11:57) Value for Value and the No Agenda Show
(13:02) My first V4V projects
(13:13) Curiocaster: Podcasting 2.0 player that runs in your browser
(13:40) Setting up a Lightning node on a Raspberry Pi computer (RaspiBlitz)
(14:25) Satoshis (100 million Satoshis = 1 Bitcoin)
(16:51) Public key goes into Value block
(16:56) Helipad monitors incoming donations
(19:34) Demo of sending sats (from Curiocaster) and then seeing them come into the node (in Helipad)
(22:21) - --onboarding musicians to Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value
(23:00) Podcasting 2.0 podcast with background tracks for some of the songs that are included in Jim Beloff's classic, THE DAILY UKULELE, published by Hal Leonard.
(23:26) SongSync app---Value for Value project to support synchronizing lyrics on phones
(24:17) Closing

Podcasting 2.0

An open, independent podcasting ecosystem with a Bitcoin payment system option and inspired by the Value for Value support model.

Value for Value

Ask your audience to decide what your work is worth to them, and then send that to you in the form of time, talent, or treasure.


You'll need a node to receive Bitcoin from supporters. I decided to get an operate a Lightning node running on a Raspberry Pi computer. I have also set up a second node using the Voltage service. I will still need to open channels and maintain liquidity, but the node itself should be more robust.

Music Projects



. Pay them to maintain an LND Node for you.
  • Thunderhub - an app built into some node OS software to interact with your node
  • Helipad - monitor incoming sats
  • LNBits -
  • BTCPayServer -
  • - open source point of sale system for bitcoin